About us

Zabing is a Social Bucket List Platform

The Mission

Zabing’s mission is to empower every human to spotlight their values and their ability to live a more meaningful and socially connected life.

The Why

We are distracted. We are lonely. We are socially disconnected. We are isolated. We are overworked and underfunned. Reconnect with you. Reconnect with what matters. Find your tribe, find your real tribe. DON’T FORGET TO LIVE! DFTL.

Zabing was created with idea that none of us should save anything for the next life. And although many of us understand this concept, life often gets in the way and we default to living on autopilot. And in the process forgetting about our passions, dreams and curiosities.

Facing these worsening critical issues, we asked ourselves. How can we use technology to help us focus on the things that bring us real joy, while staying connected to the people we care about and creating new connections with those who share the uniqueness of our journey?

The answer is a simple but intuitive platform that leverages cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to kick-start your Bucket List. #BucketListAutomation

This is just the beginning. Zabing is dedicated to investing in high technology to promote focusing on what’s important, social awareness, and quality of life enrichment for all. The platform grows daily.